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    The LEFT vs RIGHT collab


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    The LEFT vs RIGHT collab Empty The LEFT vs RIGHT collab

    Post by TheMimaps on Tue May 10, 2016 10:56 pm

    Hi there! :D
    I am hosting a collab I've been preparing for a long time, I hope you like it ;)
    You got to animate a fight between two stickmen:
    - A turquoise one , drawed and animated by your right hand COLOR: (#00FFDF)
    - A second one, drawed and animated by your left hand COLOR: (#E0A6FF)
    LEFT comes from the left by the way you want, but RIGHT must come from the right running. They must quit by the way the came in.
    The animation must last at least 5 seconds. Don't give up if you find it crappy, it's the PURPOSE! xD
    Useless to precise that pivot-like softwares can't be used. A brush tool is required. (sorry!)
    You're left handed? Just follow the rules switching hands! :)
    The goal of this collab is to challenge yourselves while animating. So don't hesitate to find other funny and hard ways to animate! (Elbow, tongue, closed eyes, nose, foot, etc.) However, precise the way you've chosen to animate on the bottom left. If you don't use your left hand, you're free to choose the collor of the stickman.
    CTRL+Z and UNDO aren't allowed. Use it if you want (I can't verify it, indeed) but I wont see the interest... it will ruin all the "nooby" side of the collab.
    To conclude, I will ask you to have fun while doing this, and thank Zyrame Anims for inspiring me so much!
    To your pencils! :D
    (I may have forget some precisions. If so, please ask your questions!)

    And, for sure, put your watermark at the top right.
    The background is there: mediafire.com view/gggfxkoc7o4ug3b/LvR_Background.png
    The due date is for the 5th of June. The animation must be between 12 and 24 fps, and it's recommanded to make it an .mp4 video in 700x400 pxl.
    Once you're done, send it to flashmimaps@gmail.com.

    (I'm kind of new here, so please don't judge my mistakes. I don't know how do thing work in the dojo, so I may have forgotten something really important. Thank you very much for your comprehension)

    I've made a shitty video about it:

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